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Meet The Team
Jen & Steff

Slumber Haven Tent Parties 

These two mamas, Steffanie Harrison and Jennifer Dillingham of Mt. Juliet. tn decided one Christmas to go for it. That was 2 Christmas ago. Slumber haven tent parties (part of Glamp Haven, LLC) celebrated an entire year of operation!

 Steffanie and Jen have known each other and crafted together with and through the births of their children for over a decade.

Jen + Steff are over-the-top crafters, but it's a lot of work. Around the time of their boys' birthdays they had decided in the 'chaos', what if there was a system? What if this process that brings so much joy could be acquired easily? 

Covid hit in a way for Jen + Steff that they decided togetherness and community needed to be encouraged. And these big crazy over night parties were just the way to fix it. Jennifer is a skilled professional photographer with an incredible eye for detail and ability to plan and organize. She has a place and label for everything. She has a natural way of making sure all our supplies are the best. For example, she has a system for sanitizing the bedding and tents and considers those who have allergens. 

Steffanie's mom owned a large event-planning company in Atlanta. She grew up around parties and being an extravert she was no stranger to throwing them herself! She wanted to grow her embroidery/ screen printing business in a way that benefited multiple children at one time. Creating Slumber Haven with Jen allowed her to continue making adorable custom items. Her goal was to one day inspire little entrepreneurs through events and workshops. Slumber Haven, LLC is so excited to see this happen this spring for the first opportunity we have had to experience the platinum package party per person as an event! 

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